Since 2001, PEERS has been funded by Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services through the Mental Health Service Act budget, and other grant opportunities, to offer programs that are designed and implemented by people who have lived experience with attempted suicide, hearing voices and special messages, using tools for wellness, and other mental health wisdom.

Our work focuses on building tools to assist in the pursuit of overall wellness, the idea that each and every person — regardless of what they've been through — can recognize the value they hold.

Two Women holding each other

Alameda County Social Inclusion Campaign

Learn about the groundbreaking effort to end stigma discrimination against people with mental health issues.


As a WRAP Center of Excellence, PEERS offers WRAP® groups, trainings, and mentoring.

Transition Age Youth Program

TAY Program participants plan and implement projects and events that are focused on wellness and skill development.

Lift Every Voice and Speak - Speakers Bureau

Lift Every Voice and Speak is here to share their stories of recovery!

Tobacco Cessation Project

We can bring our renowned Tobacco Harm Reduction presentations to the people you serve.

Special Messages Project

The goal of Special Messages is create our own accepting culture that can support social transformation towards meaningful and purposeful activities for people who experience "psychosis."