DID YOU KNOW? People with mental health experiences as twice as likely to smoke as the general population.

This is just one of many alarming facts offered in PEERS’ Tobacco Harm Reduction presentations that underline the striking relationship between mental health and tobacco use. Other startling facts include:

  • People with serious mental health diagnoses die 25 years earlier than the general population.
  • Smoking rates are a significant contributor to that inflated mortality rate.
  • Including tobacco education with other mental-health resources increases the likelihood that participants will become smoke-free in the near future more than providing tobacco-cessation clinics separate from mental health resources.
  • Once provided resources, smokers with mental health experiences have quit rates comparable to the general population.

Source: http://www.apa.org/monitor/2013/06/smoking.aspx

In April, PEERS will be offering a Tobacco Harm Reduction support group. There is no commitment to quitting in order to join the group. Please contact Heather Riemer for more information: hriemer@peersnet.org or (510) 567-7615.