Recently, you may have noticed some pictures and posts about “staff wellness activities” on our website or social media accounts. These wellness activities are the result of a brainstorming collaboration between PEERS staff members and Executive Director Vanetta Johnson. Taking place once a week for 30 minutes, these activities are intended to promote staff morale, team-building, and health.

So far, our wellness activities have included walks to MLK Regional Shoreline Park, mindful stretching in the parking lot, reflective journaling, and guided meditation. Future activities will include yoga, music sharing, and even board games.

Research about workplace wellness programs indicates that they reduce healthcare and sick leave costs for employers.  Moreover, these types of programs produce statistically significant gains in physical and mental health for employees. A 2016 UCLA study found that employees enrolled in wellness programs reported a 19% increase in mental wellbeing.

Stay tuned for future posts about our staff wellness activities!

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