What is PEERS? Follow us on Social Media but still aren’t sure what exactly we do?

Peers Envisioning and Engaging in Recovery Services is a 501c nonprofit that confronts mental health stigma by delivering support groups, workshops, and community outreach. All of our services are provided to the public free of charge. You do not need to be an Alameda County resident to join one of our groups.

PEERS serves an inclusive community of people with mental health experiences by providing support and validation. PEERS fills an essential niche for health services in the East Bay. Our programs complement the individual-oriented services provided by the health care system at large.

Some of our primary services include:

Transition Age Youth (TAY) Leadership program
Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) program
Special Messages group
Lift Every Voice and Speak program, Speakers’ Bureau
Tobacco Cessation project
Everyone Counts stigma reduction campaign in Alameda County, CA

“I felt a sense of hope as a result of being a part of the anti-sigma group.”

“I learned how to advocate successfully for myself, family and friends.”

“The facilitator and everyone was so engaged, I loved hearing everyone’s stories and experiences.”

“I learned so much about hope, self-advocacy, personal responsibility and support.”

“I learned how not to be afraid to ask for help.”

Here’s a handy flier to give you a quick overview of Peers Envisioning and Engaging in Recovery Services: