Sadly, this week will be the last at PEERS for two long-time staff-members. Finance Coordinator Toshie Narita and Program Coordinator Lyndsey Ellis have decided to move on to new opportunities and pursuits. Toshie has decided to spend more time with family, especially with her son. Lyndsey, who has worn many hats at PEERS, and is currently the coordinator for our Spirituality and Healing Arts programs, has decided to focus on her creative writing career. Make sure you stop by the PEERS office this week to say goodbye to these two valued members of the PEERS family! We’ll certainly miss them too.

Today, in lieu of the usual Monday staff meeting, PEERS staff took part in a celebration of Lyndsey and Toshie’s contributions to PEERS and to the mental health consumer movement as a whole. Besides enjoying a meal together, staff were also treated to slideshow reviewing pictures of both Toshie and Lyndsey over the years.

We wish you both luck in your future endeavors! Stay in touch!