PEERS Communications recently teamed up with Black Men Speak to develop and launch a new website for their organization. Like PEERS, Black Men Speak is also a mental health nonprofit from Oakland, CA. Their mission is to:

“Inform and enlighten the mental health community and the general public about issues concerning African American males and Men of Color with mental health and substance abuse challenged through a speakers bureau.”

Founded in 2009 through the Pool of Consumer Champions, Black Men Speak works to heal stigma, discrimination, and trauma within the African American community. Members of Black Men Speak and Men of Color share their personal wellness stories in order to promote acceptance, openness, and support for those with mental health and recovery experiences.

Joe Anderson is the current director of the organization. If you are interested in having Black Men Speak give a presentation at your organization or event, please fill out this contact form.

Interested in learning more about the organization? Visit their new website!