Here at PEERS we’ve had some new additions to our staff over the next month. We have a brand new TAY (Transitional Age Youth) cohort over the last month that will be joining our team over the the next year. Each of the four new TAY is a peer mentor that will mentor youth of their own and report to TAY Coordinator, Genesis Rubin, in the afternoons 4-days a week. Some of their activities include conferences and going into the community, to create their own outreach programs and participate in some of our out of the office activities like bellow, where Orisi and Elisha did weekend outreach at our booth at Oakland Pride last weekend (not pictured Taji and Sakai). The new energy around the office has been infections, and everything things a little bit younger and fresher around the office these days. It’s good to young, and if your not, it’s good to work with the youth!