Keeping Suicide Awareness and Prevention Efforts Alive All Year Round


September is National Suicide Prevention Month, and the most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), showing that suicide rates are up in nearly every state, lends an even greater urgency to our efforts to prevent suicide and give hope – not just in September, but all year round.


While the statistics may be upsetting, it’s important to remember that many lives are saved every day – many that we do not hear about. Suicide prevention and awareness is everyone’s business, and we all can contribute to stopping the rising tide of suicide in our communities.


Below you’ll find lots of resources for getting involved with advocacy, storytelling, and support. You can learn and share skills for supporting someone who is suicidal. You can organize an awareness event in your community or use social media to spread the word. You can share hopeful messages by people who have survived suicide and have found purpose and meaning in telling their stories. You can get inspired to share your own story using safe messaging strategies. And you can learn more about local and national resources for helping yourself or friends and loved ones in crisis.


We hope these resources will help you to use the momentum from National Suicide Prevention month to save lives and raise awareness all year round!


Get involved with NSPM (and beyond):


Raise awareness in your community

  • #BeThe1To: Learn and share the 5 steps for supporting someone who’s suicidal

Watch and share these #BeThe1To video stories


Share hopeful stories of suicide attempt survivors


Share your own story – safely!


Know local and national resources for help