This time next year, the A’s will be the last sports franchise in Oakland.

This month they have embraced this level of gravitas with a 510 Hip Hop Fireworks display on May 10th, 5-1-0 (Celebrating the local area code), and on May 25th honored mental health awareness by giving tickets to mental health organizations who dressed in the lime green attire provided by Each Mind Matters. Many PEERS members enjoyed the game and were accompanied by members of the POCC, as the A’s played the Seattle Mariners in a 6-5 victory for the home team.

For those who attend PEERS programing, you know how close we are to the Colosseum. However the schedule of the biggest venue in town switching over to more music and less sports has little to do with our business providing mental health services, but still makes for a great piece of local conversation, that affects our neighborhood.

So with the Raiders moving to Las Vegas and the Warriors moving back to San Francisco, the A’s takes on the status and lone symbol of Oakland localism, providing opportunities to celebrate the local community at heart.

Go A’s! The last team in Oakland!