Monday was the Equinox, one of two times of year when the amount of day and night are completely equal. Seasonally this moment is also the first day of fall. Many have specific feelings about this time of year, “The fall season reminds me of the cycle of regeneration,” says PEERS Outreach Coordinator Kozi Arrington.

One of our newest staff, Bianca Brown, wrote us this piece when asked; how does the fall make you feel? Here it is…Enjoy.

What Fall Means to Me…

Bianca Brown

The roll of the dice between the sun and clouds. 

The smell of rain hitting the pavement and decaying leaves. 

The ability to carry a light sweater and comfortably acquiesce to my environment.

Low cut black boots with a chunky heel. 

The burnt orange, maroon, olive green, nudes, browns, and marigold colors that drape the trees and my outfits. 

The colors that are reminiscent of the 70’s, it all feels nostalgic to me. 

The smell of the masks at the Halloween store that visits for 2 months. 

The smell of pumpkin spice candles that travel the hallways of my home.

A lazy day with my favorite plush covers, pillows, and Monsters Inc. 

Pumpkin patches bringing out my passion of carving. 

Cravings for candied and caramel apples, sweet potato and pecan pie.

Thanksgiving and plenty of leftovers I eat over and over again.

The passing of those closest to me…Wake Me Up When September ends.