Many people have New Year’s Resolutions for 2020. Here are some of our intentions for the next year, from the staff at PEERS.


My goal for 2020 is more self-love… I will be the one who makes me
happy. Self-love means putting myself first and being aware of what I
need to do to really take care of myself, in all areas of my life:
spiritually, mentally, financially, physically, academically. Keep

1. work being in control of my healing, the perception and love I have
for myself, finding reasons to be grateful.
2. work on being in tune with my health. limiting my consumption of
sweets/starches/fast food/red meats, sodas, etc…there’s a gym across
the street from my house so I really have no excuse to not go to the
gym anymore lol. I’ve been paying for membership since October and
it’s time to be consistent with using it.
3. putting my energy into creating my youtube channel and producing an album

Be open to my creative side, especially in regards to my media skills.
-Dee Dee

I have many health goals and I will declare victory if I do 3 things
towards my wellness.

Get a Fitbit and do more self-care. Focus on the positive.

To be as kind and accepting of myself as I am for others. Break goals
into monthly chunks.

Quit cigarettes by the time my new grandbaby comes and maybe even cut the locks.

Continue practicing discipline. Go back to school.

Get back to planting and gardening. Learn about the stock market.

Be more gentle with myself .

Manifest action on ideas.

Perform more this year.

Be more intentional

Think less, act more.