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By Kiana Smith

A belief I used to have about myself was that my life was in order and that I had everything  under control. I had my health, I was making fairly decent grades in college, and I was working. I was literally striving for perfection so much that I didn’t really pay attention to how exhausting it all can be. And I would go even further to say that I was trying to limit, if not stop, the one thing that remains constant in anyone’s life in the world: change.

Change to me represents a gamble with outcomes of one’s life both good and bad. Deep down, change scared me. Especially when one believes that the life they’re leading can’t get any better than what they already have set in motion to accomplish. My mental health was the change that got me to realize how unrealistic my views on life were. I might even say that it was inevitable.

Throughout the process of trying to rebuild a life that has meaning, purpose, a life that is worth living, and most importantly a life challenging stigma (both internal and external), I’ve had the pleasure of learning and activating my very own Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP®).

In WRAP®, there is a section dedicated to having a plan when one is experiencing a crisis. A part of this section has your list, “Who Are Your Supporters?” I found this list to be extremely important for me. Yes, my life did change at what I believed to be the worst possible time; however, I know wholeheartedly that I did not face this change alone. My family, a couple of close friends, and some health care providers have been there for me when this significant change in my life occurred. I strongly believe that having a WRAP® and being able to inform and include the ones closest to me has been the saving grace in my journey to recovery.

In that journey, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and connect with people from all walks of life. With my WRAP® in place I have tried new things, and just by sharing with other people the experience in living with a mental health challenge, I found new ways to live a sustainable life.

This is why I believe WRAP® is important. This is why I think you should give WRAP® a try. WRAP® just might be the very thing that helps you understand and prepare for the changes life never fails to bring. I know for a fact that it was this way for me.