PEERS is supporting you through your WRAP® journey with daily blog posts. On Wednesdays, we provide sneak previews of what you can expect when you join one of our ongoing WRAP® groups.

This week’s sneak preview is from PEERS Programs Coordinator and Advanced Level WRAP® Facilitator Heather Riemer.

I have learned something really important from WRAP, and that is that sometimes when I think it is a crisis, it might be just a challenge. I should not say  “just a” because a challenge can be well, challenging! But that doesn’t mean that I have to view it as more than that, and let it ruin my hour, day or week. 

In my prior life, I was just jumping from one crisis to the next. But now I have come to the realization that life goes on without constant drama occurring. Again it goes back to self realization. Figuring out what is really going on. WRAP® helped me go through this realization process. 

Going through all the sessions of WRAP® (a few times) taught me to differentiate from when I am being triggered, or maybe when things are breaking down, or perhaps when a crisis is ongoing, for example. 

I learned I could do something about all the things happening by using an action plan. But like I mentioned one of the biggest benefits is being able to be okay  for the most part, even  when things are challenging. We are all going through a very hard time right now; in fact, it is a crisis for many because of COVID-19. 

In this current situation WRAP® has helped me to realise that even with all the challenging things going on all around me, I don’t have to fall victim before my time. That I can see things for they are. I don’t have to be like a chicken-little, running in circles shouting, “The sky is falling!”

I came to realize that what I project as a crisis is often not that. There might be some big changes that make me feel a certain way. But if I can sit tight through them, I can come out the other side still intact. But I have to be able to tell the difference, and be positive when I can. A big part of WRAP® is the self awareness that comes through going through all the sections, one at a time. 

There is a way to look at things and know that this is just part of the process, and when the challenging part is over something better might take place. And this is just a sneak preview into some of what I learned, from having a plan, and talking to others in the group.

There is the old saying there is no gain without pain. I don’t think this is true, at least not all the time. But sometimes it might be. And that’s okay. If a person comes to WRAP® they can learn whole new ways of being. Something I  have been learning is whether I am being challenged versus being in crisis. And believe me, it is nice to know the difference between the two.