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By Heather Riemer

I recently attended a Zumba class down the street from where I live. It was really fun and a great way for you to get to know your neighbors. This is a wellness tool I think everybody can use. 

If you like Zumba and dancing, and you’re feeling “confined,” this might be a great wellness tool for you during this time of social distancing. It is Zumba in the Street: all you need is a boom box, some understanding neighbors and a few people who like to dance, hopefully including one who could lead Zumba. 

I walked down my street past the Target, to a quiet tree-lined street. Only it was not quiet when I turned the corner. The music was blasting, a cool breeze was blowing, and there were the Zumba dancers there! 

Usually, I am not a person who joins in things like this, but I took a deep breath and plunged right in. It was enjoyable. People were driving by and honking and waving, and there I was in the middle of the road, dancing away. We were all 6 feet apart, with our masks on, which made it even more interesting, and sweaty! 

The instructor was a beautiful young woman with an adorable little girl. The little one would jump into the action every once in a while, holding on to her mom. The teacher had all the right moves. There I was dancing away, with all the wrong moves, but you know what? I did not care that I had made all the wrong moves; it was so fun. This teacher was there out of the kindness of heart teaching this class. That alone made it special. 

You can organize a Zumba party; all you need is time, music and people. It is probably best to offer after work, as more of your neighbors can participate. So, what you could do is spread the word, either by mouth or on social media or some other way, where you can tell everyone to come out and meet at the same time. Crank up the music, and you are all set to go. 

Zumba, in the streets, is a great wellness tool. I am excited about this, but if you are not keen to organize a Zumba dance, what about just a freestyle dance party? I am sure people will want to join. And hey, if they don’t want to dance, they can just cheer you on. 

Getting together and doing something like this is fun, especially during these difficult times, what better way to get outside, move your body, meet your neighbors, and share the love. I think it is going to be great dancing in the street! Although I feel a little self-conscious about doing it. But I got my nerves up and I did it. 

I felt so carefree and alive, and I was outside for once, after spending all day working in my cramped apartment. I felt free. I highly recommend it if you want to feel good about yourself, other people, and the world right now… try something like Zumba in the street. 

Note- the teacher of Zumba in the street is Kat, and she is there just because she is a caring person. That makes it even more special. It happens every Friday. She also has free online classes as well on Zoom.