PEERS Perspectives is a blog series that offers thoughts and reflections from our staff and community members on mental health, current events, and the ways they affect our lives.

Today’s post on the current state of our society brought on by COVID-19 crisis is written by Communications Coordinator Joshua Walters

Have you been in a state of “Groundhog Day” 

where every day seems the same as the next?

Asking yourself:

When will the kids go back to school?

When will I take off my facemask?

When will things go back to the way it was before?

I, for one, am totally convinced —

There is no going back to normal.

You may hear how it’s time to return to the way things used to be.

Working in a regular office, and not having long lines for everything,

But the way things were in the past were far from normal.

The way we rushed around, and stuffed our faces, and existed on an endless supply of gluttony was a version of “normal” that was non-functional at best.

The fact is: normalcy is a fallacy.

There is no normal, there never was.

Recently we have been taken out of our comfort zone,

To re-examine what is important in our lives,

Count our blessings and re-imagine the world as we know it.

Maybe the past was a flawed example of how it could be

And moving forward is the only way to overcome

Some like to think their routine is normal.

The things one does everyday to stay well. 

For some it results in a state of crisis, fear, panic…

Next time you go shopping at the grocery store, the garden store, the gun store…

Just remember- everyone is doing the best they can to survive.

We are all trying to hang on to what we have- Our Health, Our Home, Our Hospitality.

To better see the future for what it’s worth

A glimmer of hope

That’s not promised to anyone.