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  • Today’s WRAP® affirmation on observing thoughts was contributed by Heather Riemer, PEERS Program Coordinator.

Thank you, Heather!

I read this affirmation that really spoke to me because it was affirmation of realizing. it said “I observe my thoughts and actions without judging them” and I had to really think about what that actually meant to me.

I came to realize that I don’t always do that. I observe my thoughts and actions and I judge them. So to observe and NOT judging it is something I should be doing more often. It ties in a lot with the early warning signs portion of WRAP, when you pay attention to the internal sign that things aren’t going right.

 It is all about awareness. I need to constantly be aware of my thoughts and actions so that I can be the best person I can be . And if I am constantly judging myself, I am not going to feel good about myself. The goal is to be that person deep down that I am capable of being. I will say it again and I will probably come back to it “Awareness” . Being aware of when I am triggered, aware of when I have warning signs,and just always being aware of my thoughts and actions.

 The thought part can be really tricky. And the action part of course can have ramifications. I think it might help if I try to step outside of myself and look in. It is kind of like when you are with a close friend, you notice their actions.. If you are a good friend you will tell them without judgement that maybe they are behaving in a way that might be harmful to them or others. Of course you don’t know what they are thinking but their actions show something going on so without judgement you might help them take notice.

So I have to think of doing that with myself. Pay attention to the thoughts and behavior and don’t judge! I see that this will be a process, as it is when you are changing anything. It takes practice so that is what I am going to do, is practice the attention part,and the non judgemental part. Slowly but surely this will become a part of my being, “I will observe my thoughts and actions without judging them”. If we all did that with ourselves, what a better, more loving world it would be.