The other night I wanted to watch a show but I could not figure out what to watch. During this hard time that we are living through, it is nice to watch something inspirational once in a while. 

So I opened up Netflix and one of the movies being advertised was a movie that came out several years ago, about a young surfer girl Bethany Hamilton who gets her arm bitten off by a shark. Even after that, she pursues her dream of becoming a professional champion surfer, and succeeds.

 It was a touching tale that seriously brought tears to my eyes not only because of the horrific shark attack but because of how hard this young girl fought  to come back and be the champion she was meant to be. 

I first just wanted to watch because it was shot mainly in Hawaii and is absolutely stunning visually. That was a big plus to the movie, it was so beautiful. But that is not the part that really touches my heart. 

I was touched because this young woman really did everything she could fighting not only against the fact that she was now surfing with only one arm but the fact she had gone through something so terrifying and must have been totally traumatized by the experience.

 Bethany has something that nobody can take away from her, she has hope. Hope that she can fulfill her dream of continuing to surf at a competitive level. She has true faith , along with that hope that helps her to pursue her dreams. Having hope is a wonderful thing, but you need to follow it up with more. This is where the foundation of WRAP comes in.

This young woman was not working with a WRAP plan but she might have well been. It seems  she utilized all 5 key recovery concepts, without even knowing it She had the hope which she never let go of, and she followed that by taking personal responsibility. After the shark attack she took the responsibility to follow through with her dream. She trained non stop to get back in the water.

 She then advocated for herself every step of the way. She got the education she needed by relearning how to surf with one arm. And then there was the support factor. This girl has a beautiful loving and supportive family who backed her up completely.  Those are the 5 key concepts of WRAP. Hope, Personal Responsibility, Self Advocacy Education and Support. Bethany used them all. And she was a truly remarkable young woman.  

It made me really believe that anyone can succeed if they try hard enough and have the faith. I am nothing like Bethany but I can be successful in my own way if I too, have the hope and the drive. 

By the way, after the movie was over I googled Bethany Hamilton to see what she is doing now.  (It has been about 14 years since the shark attack) Bethany is still going strong. She is now a motivational speaker and a mentor to others as well as the mom of 2 cute little boys. Her and her husband post videos on the web to encourage and inspire people. I think she is very, very inspirational. And she still surfs!  Talk about amazing.