Cats in the House 

     I live in a small apartment in Berkeley. I would say that it’s just me and my daughter who live here but I have two cats. They are Angelina and Isabella, so their nicknames are Angie and Izzy. They are not related but they look very similar. Both are tortoiseshell black with orange and white. They are not regular ordinary cats, they are special. I am sure that everybody thinks that their own pets are special and maybe so. But nobody else has cats like these and they weigh a lot. Not that I pick them up together. That would be impossible as they are super wiggly. When I work on the kitchen table that I use for a desk they come out and sit on top of all my papers. They turn around and around and mess everything up, but they do keep me company. In fact, one cat Angie is constantly trying to sit on my lap. This is just ridiculous because my lap isn’t that big. The other one Izzy loves to sit in the bathroom sink even when the water is running. 

     I will be getting ready in the morning and my cats will be all over the place then Izzy will take a flying leap into the bathroom sink. She scares the devil out of me when she does that. All this may sound very ordinary but to me they are unique. 

    I love my cats. They make me feel so much better when they are near. They are strictly indoor cats. when I feel stressed and worried they are always here for me. I will just sit there and pet them. Their smooth sleek fur is cool to the touch and it just makes me feel better. So that is why my kitties will be here as long as I am, I hope. They don’t talk back or judge or snarl, they are always sweet and kind and gentle. My cats love me unconditionally and I don’t ever have to worry that they are angry with me. In fact, my cats make me feel better when nothing else does. So if you are sad or afraid or nervous you might think about getting a pet. I think they are the greatest wellness tool there is. Anybody can come over to my house and you will make two friends that will be there for life. Cats Rule!