For more WRAP® support, visit PEERS’ WRAP® Program webpage, download the WRAP® app, and find out more about WRAP® online. By Kenneth Kozi Arrington

Yesterday I sang live from the living room of my accompanist, the fierce Deb Santa Maria. For the first time since February, we were actually able to be in the same space. She was a great host; making sure I had my own designated area where we could maintain social distancing. We wore masks the whole time; well I unmasked only when I was singing. It was an interesting first time experiment and it went well.

I brought my own microphone, cord, stool, wipes, tissue, gloves, masks, water & tea. I was self-contained. 

Well if you haven’t figured it out by now, I am a vocal stylist. I like to sing. No, I love to sing. Singing is the Wellness Tool I use the most often. Remember, Wellness Tools are people, places and things/activities that make me happy. They are things I can engage in to make myself feel better when I don’t feel well or when I find myself getting triggered and/or stressed. 

Singing is one of my many gifts to humankind. Knowing that people from all around the world are tuned in to the live stream; listening to my voice and to the healing messages I bring through the songs I sing is an aphrodisiac. I feel energized and empowered. That little rabbit that keeps going and going and going doesn’t have anything on me when I am in my element. As the outreach coordinator for PEERS, live streaming is outreach on a far greater level with unlimited access to people near and far.

So, there you have it. My wellness tool that keeps on giving by communicating care is lifting my voice in song. 

What Wellness Tools do you use? If you’d like to know more, consider joining one of the PEERS Wellness Recovery Action Plan, WRAP® Groups when they reconvene in August. We are taking the month of July off.

Do something fun, exciting and rewarding. You owe it to yourself to enjoy as many of your Wellness Tools as you can to achieve and maintain mental health balance. Peace!