For more WRAP® support, visit PEERS’ WRAP® Program webpage, download the WRAP® app, and find out more about WRAP® online. By Kenneth Kozi Arrington

Drawbridge to Wellness and WRAP®

I had a thought or maybe it was a dream.  In the thought or dream there was a very fine castle high up on a hill surrounded by luxurious woods and a grand moat. The moat was filled with water coming from the melting snow on the snow capped mountains in the distance.

The castle was a fortress, a safe place. It was a refuge, a sanctuary, a stronghold.  Then it dawned on me that when I am well I am like that castle. I am a fortress, I feel like I’m in a safe place. In my mind there is refuge. My body is a sanctuary. That is how I would describe myself when I am well. Nice.

The moat surrounding me, the castle, is flowing with wellness tools; keeping me happy and whole in mind, body and soul. That is what wellness tools do and why it is so important to have them in my wellness toolbox. I can pick and choose which ones I want to use at any given time.

Then, of course, there is the drawbridge. It is designed to protect the castle, in this case me, from intrusion and invasion from negative forces and outside influences. It is my first line of defense and my lifeline and safe passage to what lies beyond. 

When the drawbridge is down, I am free to come and go, give and receive and just be well. I have hope that everything is gonna be alright like the lyrics of Bob Marley’s song, Everything’s Gonna Be Alright!

When everything’s alright I take personal responsibility for the decisions I make and intentionally direct my energy in a positive direction, focusing on a desired goal or outcome.  I can think more clearly and through curious inquiry I figure things out and make more informed choices about whatever may be on my mind. 

When I am troubled, I have many options from which to choose to help make myself feel better.  Wellness tools are invaluable to me when it comes to maintaining my personal wellness and happiness. What are some of your wellness tools?

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