For more WRAP® support, visit PEERS’ WRAP® Program webpage, download the WRAP® app, and find out more about WRAP® online. By Kenneth Kozi Arrington

Positive thinking and adopting an “I can do” and an “I am” attitude goes a long way in making me feel better when negative thoughts, voices, and doubt creep in and take over.

You know what that’s like, right? Of course, you do. It happens to everyone. I actually think it is human conditioning to know both ends of the spectrum when it comes to good and happy thoughts vs. bad thoughts that make us unhappy, fearful, and fretful.

When I feel that way, it is important that I remember to remember that I do have a choice in the matter. I have choices and options. I could either feed into the negativity or choose an activity from my wellness toolbox that will make me happy and make me feel good or at least, make me feel better. I have found that it’s hard, if not impossible, to be happy and have unhealthy thoughts at the same time.

I empower myself by reading and reciting positive affirmations. I read inspirational quotes; listen to uplifting and soul-stirring music. I envision a whole new world filled with endless possibilities. It frees me. It helps me when negative thoughts and feelings want to render me powerless.

Where is my faith at times like that? What has happened to my hope? Can faith and fear exist simultaneously? Today I choose faith, hope, joy, and happiness over fear, doubt, and anxiety.

You may have noticed and wondered why I used mostly “I” statements in this writing. Since I am the expert on myself, it is up to me to figure out what makes me tick and what makes me sick so that I can make good well thought out choices and make the best of each and every day.

What makes you tick? What makes you sick? What, genius that you are, are you doing to enhance your life; to give it more meaning? Think about it, act on it, and prosper. Turn those frowns upside down and those not so nice imaginations into positive affirmations.

Stamp out Stink’n Think’n. It does me no good.