For more WRAP® support, visit PEERS’ WRAP® Program webpage, download the WRAP® app, and find out more about WRAP® online. By Kenneth Kozi Arrington


Let me tell you. For months I’ve know that on July 21st of this year, I was to present a 90 minute workshop at a well-known annual national mental health conference held in Oregon, called Peerpocalypse.I was so looking forward to being in Seaside Oregon again this year for the conference but as fate would have it, because of the pandemic; the actual physical conference was cancelled and held virtually for the first time ever. How extraordinary. How very strange; this new normal.

I was really stressing out about the workshop and I prayed that it would go well, be well attended, and not have any technical glitches as I have seen in other Zoom meetings. Oh, the thoughts I had, doubting myself and my ability and qualifications to dare to present anything at all to anyone ever. “Who do you think you are?” said a voice. “What are you trying to prove? Why are you doing this? Are you trying to impress somebody? Who? You are going to make a fool of yourself and that’ll teach you.”

Yes, a hearer of voices, the energies that co-exist within me are oftentimes at war. They bring me down and try to keep me there. They are unkind and demoralizing. If I am not careful they can become debilitating and incapacitating, rendering me helpless and hopeless. At times like that I call upon my higher power to lift me up in higher consciousness and open my heart and mind to the truth. The truth is that I am good enough. I am smart. I am worthy. I deserve love, peace and happiness. I am valid. I am somebody. I am important. I can.

I am grateful for the lessons I’ve learned that enable me to walk through the fog and the darkness and into the light again. That’s when I’m able to take back some of the control that I’ve lost somewhere along the way. I reclaim my self-awareness, dignity and self-respect. It is easy for me to lose my way sometimes. It always is empowering when I regain my footing, hold my head up and resume my journey on the right paths.

My workshop during the virtual Peerpocalypse Conference was a huge success. There were 100 attendees in my virtual hall. I’m waiting now for the evaluations which will let me know what those who attended had to say about the workshop. I feel confident that they will be positive. I name it and claim it. 

An occasional mental health check-up is vital to me maintaining my mental health and wellness. Otherwise my mind will play tricks on me.  Can you relate?