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If you love someone, better off telling them now. Kozi has shared a piece in which he tells someone how much they mean to him. This particular poem is from 1982.


I pick up my cell phone to call you

But then I put it down again

There’s so much I want to say that I just don’t know where to begin

I could start by saying “I love you” or

Save that till the end of the conversation 

And perhaps by then I will have told you

Just how I feel inside.

Of the loneliness, the emptiness 

and of the many nights I’ve cried

For wanting to be near you

When you’re so far away

Wanting just to touch you 

And to hear you say

“I love you boy, I always will

Won’t you stay by my side until

The sun no longer shines and the 

Stars have lost their glow

For in the ebbtide of life’s ocean

It would be nice to know

That you were always here with me

Until the bitter end

And that you who always cared for me

Was also My Best Friend.”