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By Kenneth Kozi Arrington

Hey! Pay Attention!

Have you found yourself doing anything strange lately; I mean stranger than usual? For instance, have you tried to turn on or adjust the volume of your television with your cell phone and wonder why it isn’t working? How about trying to turn the volume up or down on your computer or laptop with your TV remote control? 

Lately I have noticed that I am doing some pretty strange and in some cases, very bizarre things. I put the ice cream in the microwave oven and discovered it hours later. Ugh! My favorite ice cream was gone. I had my mouth all tuned up for that ice cream. What about misplacing your keys, cell phone and remote controls. I got to the store the other day and went to use my cell phone only to discover that I had one of my remote controls in my pocket instead of my phone. 

I can’t help but wonder how much of this mental discombobulation is attributable to being isolated and having to shelter in place for so long. I put a pizza in the oven and never turned the oven on which I also discovered hours later so I ended up throwing it away. I put ice cube trays in the refrigerator… Have you ever almost answered the iron? Ouch! I put something on the stove to cook and went to my room and got in bed. Well, you can imagine what a disaster that almost was and could have been. Whew… that was a close call; a stupid and dangerous thing to do. 

Isolation does strange things to folks. Now imagine isolation doing strange things to folks who are already strange to begin with and voila! There you have it; sitcom material or recipes for disaster. So be careful. Wake up and pay attention as you shelter in grace, I meant shelter in place. Peace!