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This week’s sneak preview is a Values Clarification worksheet from PEERS Programs Outreach Coordinator and Advanced Level WRAP® Facilitator Kenneth Kozi Arrington.


Your values are the beliefs that define what is most important to you. They guide each of your choices in life. For example, someone who values family might try to spend extra time at home, while someone who values success in their career may do just the opposite. Understanding your values will help you recognize areas of your life that need more attention and what to prioritize in the future. Select the 10 most important items from the following list. Rank them from 1-10 with, “1” being the most important item.

__ Love __ Fun __Spirituality

__ Wealth __ Recognition __ Respect

__ Family __ Nature __ Peace

__ Morals __ Popularity __ Stability

__ Success __ Responsibility __ Wisdom

__ Knowledge __ Honesty __Fairness

__ Power __ Humor __ Creativity

__ Friends __ Loyalty __ Safety 

__ Freedom __ Reason __ Time 

__ Adventure __ Variety __ Calmness 

__ Independence __ Achievement __ Beauty


I use this as a handout during WRAP Groups.  It can be found at the link below. It may be easier to copy and paste it from there. The website is, Theraist Aid. I hope this is useful.