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A Day in the Park

Ongoing social distancing and the recent fires have me stuck inside. 

While inside I really miss the outdoors and being in nature. 

Yesterday, all by myself, I packed a lunch, grabbed a book, a blanket, my phone, my trusted mask and I was off to the neighborhood park around the corner and up the street. While walking to the park I remembered in the past when my granddaughters and I would go there on nice days. 

The grass was green and the air was better as I lay there with the sun in my face listening to a nearby family at play. Seeing the squirrels, smelling the flowers, hearing the birds, I just soaked it all in.

I took a few deep breaths and a few selfies.

After lunch, I put on my headphones and walked the length of the empty basketball court (twice), gathered my goods, and headed home.  I realized I never opened the book.

I used a number of my wellness tools in just that little time. It was really a day in the park.