For more WRAP® support, visit PEERS’ WRAP® Program webpage, download the WRAP® app, and find out more about WRAP® online. By Kenneth Kozi Arrington

I’ve heard it said that there’s only one constant; change. Although change is a constant, I do not believe it is the only constant. The light of love is also another constant. Love is an intense feeling of deep affection. Love is a great interest and pleasure in something. Love is that feeling of deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone. Love lives on long after the affection, interest and pleasure or the romance and/or sexual attachment have ended. 

Love is something we feel throughout our lives and it only dissipates when one makes the transition from one realm of existence to the next. Like solid ice melts to liquid water which then becomes a gas or vapor and is always in the air around us, the energy of love released when one journeys from the living to the afterlife and what lies beyond does not cease to exist. It is always in the air we breathe and in our hearts, minds and souls. 

Love is a constant like time, change, and the circle of life. It will always exist in one form or another like water, like air, like light. The energies of Love and the light of love are infinite.