PEERS Perspectives is a blog series that offers thoughts and reflections from our staff and community members on mental health, current events, and the ways they affect our lives.

Today’s post is written by PEERS Interim Executive Director Jules Plumadore.

2020 has been a year of change for all of us. While many of the changes have been challenging and stressful, others have left us feeling hopeful for positive transformation in our communities and our personal lives.

I am writing this post to let you know about a current change at PEERS, one that is both bittersweet and full of hope for the future.

After a year and a half at PEERS and 5 months in the role of Interim Executive Director, I am leaving PEERS to pursue a career as an independent trainer and consultant. This is a natural next step for me in my career, and while I will miss the work I’ve done at PEERS, I am excited about what lies ahead for me. I plan to continue to be an involved member of the peer-run mental health community in Alameda County, so you can expect to see me at POCC and CAMHPRO events in months to come.

I am delighted to introduce you to PEERS’ incoming Interim Executive Director, Dr. Stephanie Edwards-Norfleet. Stephanie brings extensive leadership experience providing mental health and wellness services to disenfranchised communities, especially women and youth. Her experience and broad skill set, as well as her passion for this work and the enthusiasm with which she approaches this opportunity, make her the right leader for PEERS at this point in its journey and in our shared moment in history.

My time at PEERS has been defined by the connections I’ve made with colleagues and community members. We’ve shared emotions, experiences, and deep conversations I’ll never forget. My life and my recovery are better for the time I’ve spent here, and my wish for the new Executive Director is that she will love getting to know all of you as much as I have.

Best wishes for a bright future at PEERS!

If you’d like to keep in touch with Jules, you can connect with him on LinkedIn.