Written By Kenneth Kozi Arrington

I am a mild mannered yet outgoing Educator, Advocate, Activist and Peer
Specialist from San Francisco. For people living with mental, physical, and
emotional health challenges, I primarily focus on the Black Indigenous People Of
Color, BIPOC, Community and address, confront and combat social injustice and
awareness among other issues.
My job as Programs Outreach Coordinator at PEERS presents me with unique
opportunities to connect with diverse communities throughout Alameda County
and the Bay Area. Now, because of the Pandemic, my outreach has expanded to
even larger audiences since everything is being done virtually.
I am a facilitator of a number of curriculums including Wellness Recovery Action
Plan, (WRAP), Buried in Treasures, (BiT), for folks with hoarding issues, and Special
Messages, a group for folks who hear voices and/or have other extraordinary
experiences and perceptions.
My passion about social justice and inclusion has been demonstrated by my
founding of SAGA, the Sexuality and Gender Alliance Committee, (SAGA). SAGA
gives voice, visibility, and recognition to/for/of LGBTQI2S Gender Variant Non-
Conforming folks. SAGA nests under the umbrella of Alameda County Behavioral
Health Care Services, Pool of Consumer Champions.
Spirituality is another constant in my life. I am the founder and director of a
couple of vocal ensembles. I am, The Traveling Voice, and my other vocalists are,
The Sounds of Joy. My music ministry keeps me grounded and enthusiastic about
everything else I do. Music is outreach on a global level and I am fortunate to be
able to be a source of comfort, inspiration and hope for all within the sound of my
voice when I sing. So, now you know a little about me. What’s your story?