By Joshua Paulos

Dear PEERS community:

On behalf of the Board of Directors (BOD) of Peers Envisioning and Engaging in  Recovery Services (PEERS), it is my pleasure to announce the appointment of Trudie  Giordano as our new Executive Director of PEERS!

Trudie’s commitment to human service is evident as she has served in roles ranging from leadership in Higher Education to Homeless Services. She brings experience and expertise in development, leadership, and administration in multiple areas of human services. Trudie asserts a deep commitment to culturally rich mental health programs that support the whole person in our diverse communities. Learn more about her background on our website. Trudie offers us here at PEERS, over 10 years of leadership experience combined with a culturally humble mindset toward programs delivery. She was amongst the top three candidates prior to the previous Executive Director- who was selected collaboratively by the BOD and PEERS staff.

The Board and I are confident that Trudie is an excellent fit for this leadership position at PEERS as her goals, experience, and mindset match PEERS’ mission of inclusion,  elimination of stigma, and discrimination while promoting innovative peer-based wellness strategies. It is our sincere hope that you, in time, will feel the same way about your new Executive Director. She expresses a parallel organizational vision- a high value for those with lived experience and diverse experiences combined with her rich capabilities in obtaining, leveraging, and delivery of grant-funded programs that serve communities such as PEERS.

Please offer her a warm PEERS welcome in the days, weeks, and months to come!  Sincerely yours,

Joshua Paulos

PEERS Board Chair on behalf of BOD