PEP Talks (Peers Encouraging Peers) is a series of videos created in response to the challenging times we’re living through with COVID-19.

We’re all facing new challenges, and each of us has our own way of responding. But no matter what wellness may look like for us these days, there’s one thing we know for sure: we can all benefit from giving and getting a little extra peer support. That’s the goal of PEP Talks.

Speakers from PEERS’ Lift Every Voice and Speak (LEVS) speakers bureau are creating the first videos. We invite our community members to share videos with us too. PEERS will upload new ones to this page as they become available, so please keep checking back for new messages of hope and encouragement.

If you’d like to create your own video, you can record one using your phone. Here’s the outline for what to do:

  • Start by introducing yourself. Please use your first name only. Here are a few different examples of introductions:
    • “My name is Mike, I’m a peer in Oakland, California, and this is my PEP Talk.”
    • “My name is AnneMarie, I’m a Program Coordinator at Hope Through Housing, and this is my PEP Talk.”
    • “My name is Alex, I’m a community organizer and advocate in the Bay Area, and this is my PEP Talk.”
  • Share your thoughts on these 3 questions:
    • How is the current situation affecting me?
    • How am I responding to new challenges?
    • What words of encouragement would I like to share with my community?
  • Upload your video .mp4 file here.

If you’d like more information about PEP Talks, please email Joshua at

If you’d like someone at PEERS to reach out to you for a wellness check-in, please call us at 510-832-7337 or email Portia at