The Everyone Counts Campaign is a two-fold project focused on decreasing mental health stigma, building wellness and resilience, and restoring and revitalizing our communities.

Black Wellness & Resilience Campaign, is focused on providing culturally relevant services and resources to the Black community to reduce internal and external stigma. As people of color, it is critical that we learn to respond to the daily stressors associated with racism, discrimination, and other forms of systematic oppression effectively and strategically. We address internal stigma by providing a safe space for members to identify mental health concerns, learn tools to address traumatic experiences, and gain knowledge of how to identify and eliminate self-stigma. Through our BW&R Action Team, we address external stigma by engaging the community through media, bringing awareness of what mental health looks like to the Black community and how to find solutions to address challenges in a healthy manner. 

The Hope & Faith Campaign is a partnership with PEERS and African American faith-based institutions where we provide mental health education in the church. Historically, African Americans have been poorly treated by the American medical system, and that has not only resulted in poor health outcomes of African Americans but mistrust of non-POC health care providers. The Black church has been and is a social and communal space where Black people feel safe, heard, and understood, but it is not the only solution or safe space for African Americans to have discussions around mental health or understand it. This campaign’s purpose is to recognize that spirituality is an aspect of mental wellness, increase conversations about mental health, provide mental health facts, and provide support for those seeking to address their mental health concerns.  

If you are interested in learning more about the Black Wellness & Resilience Campaign, or the Hope & Faith Campaign, please contact Reinaldi Gilder at or 510-830-6091.