Heather leads the Tobacco Harm Reduction program and facilitates tobacco presentations, WRAP groups, trainings and orientations, and eCPR workshops.

Heather has struggled with her own personal issues stemming from the trauma in her early life. Depression and anxiety have plagued her since she was young, leading to homelessness and hospitals. Heather wants to help change the mental health care system so others will know that recovery is real.

Before making a transition to Program Coordinator she worked with the “Special Messages” innovation grant project, a program of PEERS. She was an Outreach/Peer Specialist and worked with individuals experiencing psychosis to let them know that they not alone. She also facilitated special messages presentations geared toward providers to assist with developing a common language that honors the strengths of people with mental health experiences.

Heather is originally from Hawaii, but now calls the Bay Area home. Her greatest joy is her 3 children, who are now young adults, making their way in the world. She enjoys being a part of PEERS, and she hopes to make a positive difference in the health and well-being of people who identify as mental health consumers.

Heather is a graduate of Hawaii Community College and BestNow! She is also certified in WRAP, eCPR, Tobacco Cessation, First Aid, Hearing Voices, CERT, and Youth Mental Health First Aid. She is always striving to make the world more aware and accepting of those living with mental health experiences.