Kivi has worked in Human Resources for over a decade and is dedicated to fostering a positive work environment at PEERS. 

A graduate of The Evergreen State College and People’s College of Law, Kivi has always sought to include alternative theories of hierarchical structures, deconstruction of stereotypes, and critical race theory in their leadership of organizations. PEERS’ development out of the Consumer Mental Health Movement and its foundational commitment to employee wellness dovetails perfectly with Kivi’s commitment to supporting the staff of PEERS. 

Kivi is active in many political movements including disability rights, LGBTQ rights, and racial social justice movements. Having been detained or arrested several times protesting, they believe that it is important to keep showing up for justice and allyship in these times. 

Outside of work, Kivi is a pet parent to two rescue cats, Roary and Jett, as well as tending to a small flock of chickens. On the weekend Kivi can be found rehearsing or performing with their band Kittenhead.