Leah is a tech-savvy operations and logistics consultant, and an avid laser cutter and designer. Their projects range from developing multilingual OSHA compliance projects to employee onboarding and training in light industrial settings, as well as health and wellness program development.

Leah started with PEERS in January of 2021 and continues as the President as of November 2021. They have participated for 10+ years in peer-to-peer-run programs and therapy. They are a survivor of a high-demand/high-control covenanted community and are living and thriving with PTSD. As a nonbinary individual, they are passionate about queer liberation and intersectionality. Their background in case management, housing advocacy, and business strategy all create a unique blend of professional and interpersonal perspectives.

Leah graduated from the University of Portland with a degree in English and a minor in Social Justice. They live in the Bay Area with their army of plants and love to travel, SCUBA dive, paint, support and be supported by their community.