Lusiana Hadi is the Communications & Outreach Manager at PEERS. She uses her 4-year experience as a YouTuber and her passion in mental health and social impact to help PEERS Media & Outreach team expand its reach to the communities in Alameda County and beyond. She also works closely with PEERS current Executive Director Trudie Giordano to manage PEERS’ Anti-Stigma Mental Health program that serves the Asian-American and Pacific Islander communities.

Lusiana had been working in Finance & Accounting for a decade before deciding to pursue her passion and switching her career into the social impact/social justice field. As a Southeast Asian American, specifically Chinese-Indonesian-American, her lived experience in racial discrimination, gender inequity and mental health has led her to her passion and activism in advocating for these causes. In her activism work, she helps raise awareness of the diversity of the Asian-American communities, advocates for inclusion and equity of Asian-Americans and promotes gender equality and de-stigmatization of mental health experiences. She also co-founded and actively participated in Asian employee resource groups and supported other identity employee resource groups in her prior employers. As Lusiana moved to the US at age 10 from Indonesia (located in Southeast Asia), she also has lived the immigrant experience as well as Asian-American experience.

In her free time, she enjoys dancing, being on the phone with her mom in Indonesia for 4 hours per week, hanging out with her husband and rescue puppy, spa days with her girl friends and writing about topics she is passionate about. She has her own blog site (Activist for Good) where she writes about Asian-American history, cultures, and experiences. On this blog site, she also writes about animal welfare topics. Her passion in speaking for those with no voice also led to her founding her own animal rescue non-profit organization.