Reinaldi is an Oakland native with a passion to share his inspiring story of recovery. Reinaldi experienced extreme violence and depression when his stepfather was murdered and his mother suffered a nervous breakdown because of it. Although his mom recovered, Reinaldi spiraled downward through periods of delinquency, drugs and eventually incarceration. Along his journey, the only person who talked to him about mental health was his mother. At first he was turned off by the stigma associated with mental illness so he went without treatment. After 15 years of cycling through the system, he finally decided to seek recovery. 

After getting out of jail, Reinaldi enrolled in community college. Not seeing many young people with his background in college, he designed and led a mental wellness and criminal re-entry campaign at his school to spread mental health awareness. His probation officer recognized his transforming leadership and Reinaldi was invited to pitch his skills presenting re-entry material at the probation department, which led him to one opportunity after another. 

Today, as a Transitional Age Youth (TAY) Program Coordinator, Reinaldi wants to encourage young people today to realize how valuable it is to seek support before life spirals out of control. He uses his story to motivate and drive young people to excel at setting healthy goals and living complete and productive lives. When he’s not hosting workshops or supporting youth, Reinaldi enjoys traveling and camping. The key to his wellness is helping others overcome the same barriers he has faced on his journey.