Robbie Wilson has been dedicated to empowering Youth and their families for over 30 yrs who have experienced trauma at many levels. Through her commitment she has been recognized for her efforts and continues to inspire others to be of “service” in their communities. She is responsible for the creation and implementation of many powerful workshops including “Heal Your Trauma, Reclaim Your Power” a 6 week Drum Circle and group discussion on how to heal ones past and rediscover power in their present and future. Born into a long line of Indigenous Medicine People on both her maternal/paternal Lineages, she brings a Wholistic approach in all of her life and work. 

For 22 years she has worked for the City of Alameda and the Alameda Unified School Distrist as a Community Leader. She was recognized by the Mayor and City Council as the ‘Healer and Connector” of the City of Alameda. She received the prestigious Marian Edelman Wright award for her selfless service to under-served communities. Her philosophy matches Ms. Edelman when she says
“Service is the rent we pay for being. It is the very purpose of life, and not something you do in your spare time”
For 13yrs Robbie has worked as a Program Manager under Bay Area Community Resources and assigned the Alameda Unified School District over seeing 4 After-school Programs serving At-Risk Youth in Title 1 schools . She has created and implemented numerous Staff Professional Development training, workshops, and retreats. Including the award winning “Empathy to Empower” workshop, teaching tools for educating through SEL techniques (Social Emotional Learning) to countless teachers and faculty staff throughout the Bay Area including (SFUSD, BUSD, AUSD, OUSD).  
She is an Medicine Woman (lineage), Ordained Interfaith Minister, Wholistic Counselor, Certified Rape/Trauma Crisis Counselor, and Community Leader establishing the Black Achievers Alliance and Unite Alameda 4 Change. She leads Sacred Drum and Journey Circles, Sweat Lodges, and Vision Quest to all who desire to “Remember to Re-Member” all of the fragmented pieces bsck into the whole. 
Robbie has 1 daughter who she is committed to leave a legacy of selfless service and the religion of love.