Shannon is a strategy and operations senior executive with over twenty years of experience leading large-scale brand, business and technology strategic initiatives. Creating the conditions for people to actualize their potential is what fuels her fire. Applying this to mental health advocacy is a natural extension of her drive and experience.

As a leader on her company’s Inclusion and Diversity council, it hit her like a ton of bricks that mental illness was not a part of the conversation and that it absolutely needed to be. The shame and stigma are deeper than any other group now, essentially, the last frontier of I&D. She decided to be bold and brave and come out at work. In conjunction, she designed a national program to create awareness and provide education.

Shannon is honored to have joined the board of PEERS. She immediately and deeply connected with the vision and mission. Her journey with her own mental illness of bi-polar type II brings a unique voice to the board. She also has a passion for child advocacy non-profits and has worked with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the Bay Area leading their strategic planning processes.

Shannon graduated from St. Louis University with a degree in history. She lives in Berkeley with her three children and dog. To enable her own mental health, she practices mediation, exercising,  journaling, gardening and includes her friends and family in her journey.