Dr. Edwards-Norfleet has earned two Masters Degrees from the University of Southern California.  Dr. Edwards-Norfleet is the founder and CEO of Neighborhood Fundraising Network, Inc. (NFN). Dr. Edwards-Norfleet is extensively recognized for her expertise in culturally appropriate facilitation and training.  In addition to providing workshops and training to a vast arena of organization, Dr. Edwards-Norfleet has provided hands-on, professional, and culturally sensitive resource development and technical assistance to community-based, nonprofit organizations addressing health and wellness, AOD education, prevention, intervention, and recovery service. Born of her experience and her unique understanding of the complexities that smaller agencies face, the mission of NFN is to improve and strengthen the governance and administration of grassroots nonprofits, including faith-based organizations, and to strengthen community leadership through capacity building and neighborhood empowerment, in under-invested and under-funded communities throughout Southern California. A proven grant writer, Dr. Edwards-Norfleet has assisted nonprofit organizations to secure more than $5.5 million for organizations in foundation support and corporate sponsorships.