Tasha Ceyan joined PEERS as the Admin/Program Coordinator in May of 2019. In this role, Tasha manages administrative tasks, internal operations, and provides support to the Executive team, Board, HR, and other programs.

Tasha has 10+years of administrative and program support experience. She is also an interdisciplinary artist with masters-level training in studio art and creative writing. Tasha is excited to have to opportunity to work with PEERS to see a dream come to fruition: mobilizing arts for the sake of holistic (mental, physical, spiritual, etc) wellness and community building. Tasha is determined to become a leader in arts-based holistic health and will continue to pursue education and training in culturally-nuanced mental and embodied health practices.

Because of experiences with bipolar depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, and suicide attempts, PEERS mission and values resonate deeply with Tasha. It is extremely empowering to be in a working environment that is not only sensitive towards but also aims to utilize these experiences to support others on their respective journeys toward health and wellness. Firsthand encounters with trauma and stigma (also a form of trauma) as well as bearing witness to the untreated suffering of relatives have made Tasha acutely aware of how important it is to engage with compassion and to have a community like PEERS.