As Executive Director, Vanetta is responsible for providing organizational oversight and leadership.  Working closely with the Board of Directors, staff, and the community, she is also responsible for sustaining mental health and wellness programs that align with our mission of hope and recovery. Additionally, she is committed to the overall growth and success of the mental health consumer run and led movement.

Prior to her role as Executive Director, Vanetta served as the Programs Director at PEERS where she provided program oversight and led workforce development efforts. Vanetta also served on the leadership team at WestCoast Children’s Clinic where she managed efforts for the Youth Advocate Program: a workforce development program for systems-involved Transition Age Youth. Outside of her work with mental health focused non-profit organizations, she has worked in various sectors providing her with a diverse skill set.

With over 17 years of professional experience, Vanetta brings a background that includes executive leadership, organizational development, coaching, workforce development, and program management. Over the last several years, she has worked to improve outcomes for youth and adults within the foster care and behavioral healthcare systems. She is committed to continuing this work in her new role at PEERS.
Vanetta identifies with our mental health community through her personal lived experience as a former foster youth in which she encountered various forms of trauma and mental health challenges. Vanetta is deeply invested in her recovery and being an example to others that recovery is possible. She leans on her faith, counseling/mentoring, and her support system to continue her wellness journey.