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Interview with Consumer Movement Organizer Jay Mahler

  • May 23, 2017
  •  •  1 min read  • 

PEERS’ BestNow! Intern Steve Hayes recently interviewed Consumer Movement organizer Jay Mahler about his life, activism, and the history of the... Continue Reading

Wherever You Go, There We Are: Finding Community in Unexpected Places

  • February 22, 2017
  •  •  2 mins read  • 

PEERS’ BestNow! intern, Steve Hayes, recently attended a discussion about mental wellness at Pantheacon, a conference in San Jose. He reflects... Continue Reading

“Split” M. Night Shyamalan’s Bad View of Therapy

  • January 27, 2017
  •  •  5 mins read  • 

PEERS’ Best Now intern, Steve Hayes, discusses M. Night Shyamalan’s new movie “Split.” As I settled in to view M. Night... Continue Reading