Donating your hard earned money or valuable time, can bit a bit disconcerting sometimes. You might think to yourself, “Is this really worth the sacrifice?” Or perhaps you’re wondering, “What do I get out of it?” But giving to a non-profit is filled with many rewards, for all who are involved, and can lead to life-altering changes for the people in the communities you’re supporting.

Giving to a charity is so much more than sending money through PayPal for a tax deduction, or spending a couple of hours one weekend to help with administrative tasks for the organization. Giving to a charity is helping a child access resources for better food. It’s helping someone who’s been broken down by the stigma of their experiences rediscover hope. It’s giving someone a fighting chance. Giving to a charity is giving too many.

In honor of the East Bay Gives Giving Day, PEERS wants to remind you of some of the amazing benefits giving can have, for yourself and for those you’re supporting. You can help to support PEERS by clicking here.

Here are 10 reasons to give on this Giving Day, and anytime you might have the opportunity:

  1. To support causes you believe in.
  2. A way to make your dollar stretch.
  3. For your wellness. Knowing you sacrificed something to help others feels really great.
  4. The opportunity to be apart of the change.
  5. To stay aware of topics around social justice.
  6. To meet more amazing people, like yourself.
  7. To bring awareness to your community.
  8. To honor a loved one.
  9. To give back to your community.
  10. Because it’s nice to be nice.

To support PEERS in our mission to end stigma and discrimination of mental health, please visit us on the East Bay Gives site where you can donate to help us reach our goal of gaining a new donor each hour this Giving Day. To donate to PEERS, click here