“Bibelot |ˈbib(ə)ˌlō| (noun) — a small, decorative trinket; a knickknack.

Many of us at PEERS keep personal objects nearby that instill a sense of positivity and wellness in our day-to-day lives. Please feel free to share your own wellness knickknacks with us on Facebook!

Lynn Rivas, Associate Director: “Protection Stone”

My partner gave it to me. It shields me from difficult emotional situations.

Ashlee Jemmott, Program Coordinator: “Emoji Plush”

My emoji was a gift. And it reminds me to continue loving the work I do and to love my young people.

Vanetta Johnson, Interim Executive Director: “Chill Pills”

I made them. I wanted to contribute to our wellness culture at PEERS by reminding everyone to take a chill pill when work gets stressful.

Vilma Sakalauskaite, Program Assistant: “Juggling Balls”

I got them from Happiness Training, a class I took. Juggling is an activity that trains my brain, tells me it’s okay to make mistakes because you can always pick up the balls again if they fall. Juggling brings me back to the present moment. It reduces stress and anxiety.

Heather Riemer, Program Coordinator:  “Owl Whistles”

Kozi gave them to me when I first started working at PEERS. They made me feel comfortable and happy, like I belong here. They’re wise little owls.

Bre Williams, Program Coordinator II: “Wellness Collage”

I made my collage. It represents all the things that make me happy and helps me sustain my recovery. It is a mix of values and wellness tools.

Kozi Arrington, Program Outreach Coordinator: “Prayer Wheel”

Primarily used by Buddhists of Tibet and Nepal as hand held prayer wheels, it is believed that spinning a prayer wheel is as effective as reciting sacred text aloud. I find it soothing, meditative and purposeful as I seek enlightenment.

Steve Hayes, Best Now Intern: “Rose Quartz Heart

A good friend of mine gave me this after handing it to a small group of friends and members of my wellness team. They charged it and filled it with love and good energy. Whenever I feel really down or my negative self-talk gets overwhelming, I hold it and just feel the love and energy from it. It helps me to know that, no matter what my brain says sometimes, I am still special and really loved and cared about… even at my lowest point.”