Today I am going to share with you one of my many Wellness Tools.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term Wellness Tools, I will explain.  The life altering evidence based practice that PEERS was founded on in 2001, Wellness Recovery Action Plan, aka WRAP, has as a pre-component to actually beginning writing the plan; a helpful addition called the Wellness Toolbox.  Wellness Tools are the things you do to keep yourself well, and the things you do to help yourself feel better when you don’t feel well.  For me, writing poetry is one of those things.  I find it liberating, invigorating, inspiring and cathartic.  I wrote this poem over twenty years ago and entered it in a national poetry contest.  Now I share it with you.  Peace & Blessings.  — Kozi.



Tomorrow isn’t promised

And today is almost done

So as you go on living

Why not try to have some fun


Just take a look around you

At the things you never see

And realize that all things exist

If not for you, for me


The birds that fly in the skies above

Are evidence of the power of god’s love

To be able to hear their melodies so sweet

Should make one happy just to witness such a treat


Flowers that bloom with picturesque beauty

Remind one that Mother Nature is on duty

Grass so green, skies so blue

Winds that blow for me and you


So see the mountains, see the trees

Watch them bending in the breeze

Tides that rush upon our shores

Ceasing never evermore


And when you meet your fellow man

Try not to judge this person

For any time that you have doubt

Misunderstanding will only worsen


Just keep in mind that they are human

Just like you are

Search to find the good in them

And surely you’ll go far


For to accept a stranger

And not look down on them

Will help one understand oneself

And what goes on within


So take a look around you

At the things you never see

You’ll never know what lies beyond

The doors without the key