Did you know? Smoking and tobacco use are heavily linked to negative mental health outcomes. The facts about this relationship are absolutely shocking:

  • “People with mental health conditions smoke at twice the rate of the general population.” (psychiatry.org)
  • “People significant mental health experiences that treated in the public health system die 25 years earlier than their peers.” (apa.org)
  • “Every year, smoking kills about 200,000 people in the United States who live with mental health experiences.” (nami.org)
  • For 2009-2011 “the prevalence of current smoking was 36.1% among persons with mental health experiences and 21.4% among those without.” (cdc.gov)

As part of an Alameda County initiative to educate the public about the negative relationship between tobacco use and mental health outcomes, PEERS offers FREE presentations. These presentations are two hours long and are conducted by trained peer-support staff. Attendees learn about the mental health facts of tobacco use and about resources and methods for quitting. Interested in having PEERS present at your company, organization, or event? Contact hriemer@peersnet.org to learn more.

PEERS also offers Tobacco Freedom support groups, although these groups will discontinue at the end of the January 2018.