PEERS is supporting you through your WRAP® journey with daily blog posts. Today’s post from our WRAP® Team is a throwback from Kozi’s Korner. 

Many of you have tasted Kozi’s, ‘Kain’t Stop Eat’n Em!,’ Sweet Potato Pies. He has shared them at many POCC Events and years ago, Kozi baked and sold enough of his pies to pay his way to New York City where he performed at Carnegie Hall.

I never looked at or considered cooking and baking to be a wellness tool until just recently. When I worked at the bakery I baked because it was my job to do so regardless of how much I disliked the work. But just like anything else, the more one does something the better and more adept one becomes at whatever it is they are doing.

That’s the way it was with baking. Sometimes I would have to bake 60 or 70 pies of all kinds every night; cherry, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, strawberry rhubarb, peach, pecan, pumpkin etc. Uggg! I really disliked the hours, the mess, the stickiness, the heavy lifting, the heat from the ovens, the cleanup; need I go on? After a while it became routine and the job seemed easier. I was able to do what I needed to do more tidily and efficiently and actually improve on a number of things including some recipes. Back then it was a chore and a bore.

Now, I find that I can apply the skills that I acquired as an apprentice baker to other areas of my life as well as cooking/baking. The discipline, the timeliness, the cleanliness, the creativity and the delicious results of my labor are rewarding.

I find joy in baking early in the morning and bringing a still hot, fresh out of the oven pie or quiche to work to share with my fellow employees. They enjoy it too.

What wellness tools work for you? Let me know. Till next time on Kozi’s Korner…Peace & Blessings.