Wake up!

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The following blog is written by Kimberly, Program Manager at PEERS

The month of June brought experiences and transformational opportunities for me. I turned 28 and despite being thankful that I was able to make it another trip around the sun I was reminded that it is a privilege to be able to celebrate at home with my family. Not everyone gets to make it to their next birthday and that’s what I want to take with me all always. I want to remember that we only have one life and it is my belief that we should use it in a way that makes us proud tomorrow. 

As a result I have decided to engage in awkward conversations about politics and human rights. I’m going to talk to people who don’t think like me and work to keep educating myself and my family. At the end of May and early June my social pages were filled with screams, cries demanding justice for Black people against police violence, the undocumented, and all the innocent “lost” children. I found myself screaming with them, joining my voice fighting and advocating with my community, for my people, for justice, for change and because frankly  enough is enough. 

I read articles published in other countries on these topics for another perspective. I’ve learned a lot, watching documentaries not only for myself but also for my family. I learned more about internal racism and colorism than I did when I was in school. I have been able to ask my mother about her experiences in Peru and the stereotypes of being Afrolatinx and the impact she has had. And most of all I learned that those cries for justice have been going on much longer even before I was born.  I wasn’t paying attention.

We are in the perfect time to educate ourselves, read a book, watch a documentary, listen to music. Wake up to all injustices, I can no longer go back to sleep and act like this doesn’t exist. I share a poem written and recited by Victoria Santa Cruz, my mother recited this poem in her youth and for my sisters and I when we were little girls. Turn on the subtitles to read the lyrics  Me Gritaron Negra- Victoria Santa Cruz