This piece contributed by Communications Coordinator, Joshua Walters

Is Media Consumption Affecting your Mood?

Reggie Watts Asks on Instagram:

“If I’m stressed and anxious from the news should I stop reading/viewing it?

I like staying informed but it’s really getting to me. What do you do to manage this?

(Bellow are some of the comments he received, some wellness tools some personal opinions on the state of the world)


It’s ok to have a slower mental reaction to news as it happens; therefore, I put limits on when I can read the news, and how much time per day I’m on my screens. I also have two books on the go most days, and I reach out to friends often while seeking heart to heart conversations. And I always remind myself of my principles. Always put time for creativity first.


It becomes overwhelming, I take breaks or else I get so angry and helpless feeling it makes it hard to function


I limit myself to one news podcast in the morning. if I’m super stressed out and anxious I just do a full digital detox. I don’t think that anyone can make great informed decisions from a place of anxiety and Sadness. @reggiewatts Hope you find the respite soon


Do nothing, continue as usual, eventually let it eat you up inside to the point where your Brain becomes a Broodmother for Negative Thoughts. It’ll bleed into your Personality and Daily life. If you still smoke, the stress will probably increase your usage and fuel everlasting paranoia. Obviously, don’t do any of this, but most of us have already started down this path so hopefully “breaking the 4th wall” helps some out. The right answer is….well..nonexistent for those who are highly empathetic, it feels. Either teach yourself to be less empathetic to others, or steel yourself, the World’s worse than we thought


Crap, I am starting to think maybe we should pretend it is ‘fake’ just to take a quick break.I mean just for a second or so…..not like to lead the country or anything like that. Lead?